In-person church Service

As of Friday, September 17th, the government of Saskatchewan has mandated masking in all indoor buildings.

As such the following measures for our Pinehouse Drive in-person church services have been adjusted. 

  1. No registration necessary for attendance for in-person church service. 

  2. Mask wearing is  mandatory. We will endeavor to maintain social distancing where possible.

  3. Not restricted on capacity. Families, friends, and visitors are all welcomed to attend without reservation.

  4. Attendees are encouraged to self-assess before coming to church. It is recommended that should you identify symptoms with yourself or family members please refrain from attending church when ill or symptomatic. There will be no temperature checkers thus we ask families to be mindful when attending. This is to be cognizant of those who are immuno-compromised.

  5. Greeters will still be present with hand sanitizer. 

  6. We will continue to observe cleaning protocols. Microphones and high touch areas will still be disinfected before and after each service. 













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