Virtual Vacation Bible School 2021              

What images pop into your head when you hear the words Vacation Bible School?

Do you have fond memories, or are you wondering what is VBS? VBS stands for Vacation Bible School, and it is a summer church outreach focused on giving kids a fun and creative place to learn about the Bible and to build relationships with churches and other kids in the area.

VBS is a dependable ongoing ministry that creates memories that help lock Bible truths in a child's heart and mind for a lifetime. VBS is an opportunity to share the gospel.

Although we are still living in the present reality of a global pandemic we were still able to offer a unique virtual VBS experience. Each day your children can log into zoom to share in the experience together. First register to receive a take home package that contains all the gizmos. 


Day 1: Jesus' First Miracle 

Jesus Is God and cares about me!

Imagination Station













Day 2: Jesus Walks on Water 

Jesus is with me all the time!













Day 3: Jesus Gives Life 

Jesus Heals Me!

Imagination Station













Day 4: Jesus Appears to HIs Followers 

Jesus saves me and gives me life!


Day 5: Jesus Sends Paul

Jesus Calls me to Tell about Him!

Imagination Station

Snack Station Grocery List



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