Terriann Caballero

Social Events Leader

 Malone Chaya

Ministry Leader

Del Chaya

Ministry Leader

 Roseline Etienne

Kitchen Leader


Research shows that new members who make at least six friendships are those who are still attending church at the end of the first year. Choosing to follow Christ as an Adventist Christian is a big change. The Sabbath impacts how the weekend is structured, leisure time activities and lifestyles change. Old friends may be unsupportive or even ridicule the choice of this “new church” so new friendships are vital. The hospitality team at Pinehouse Drive strives to provide a warm supportive environment in which new friendships and relationships can flourish. God asks us to love and care for one another and it is our mission to nurture healthy relationship though Christian hospitality by:

If God has blessed you in the following areas:

Jesus said it best when He said, “Do to others what you would have them do to you” (Matt. 7:12).


Group 1

Group Leader: Galina Rotaru

November 11, 2023

Team Members:

Elena Ivascu
Inonge Mwenda
Roxann Clarke
Tremaine Clarke
Zoe Makura
Darcie Richter
Inga Chircu

Group 2

Group Leader: Maria Villarosa

December 9, 2023

Team Members:

Olesea Bitca-Tabnncic
Rachel Ndayishimiye
Rekha Whittaker
Tatiana Manoli
Brenda Thompson
Carmen Thompson
Marina Terzi
Grace Lapierre
Nyle Diaz- Bade
Marcia Whittaker

Group 3

Group Leader: Marandina Slewley

January 13, 2024

Team Members:

Dianna Meek
Leonora Smart
Assefu Mebrahtu
Rumbi Chaya
Murunde Jane
Leedmira Bejenazi
Diana Tanasiiciuc
Apple Liano
Flezavete Coscerol
Margie Torniado
Lee Torniado

Group 4

Group Leader: Robin Welch

October 14, 2023

Team Members:

Bianca Manoli
Ruth Fikocoma
Naci Nachicobe
Natasha Rotaru
Elaine Bubnick
Liliranna Mistrana
Josellyn Irumva
Pacmoha Turner
Elena Ivascu
Charim Cabinto
Zianda Dewa

Group 5

Group Leader: Liudmila Ursuleac

September 9, 2023

Team Members:

Cristina Vrabie
Ropa Chaya
Ekaete Alcpan
Ludmila Dubeac
Sally Bacus
Nina Balaur
Livia Ursuleac
Janet Kazaskas


The Hospitality Ministries would love to hear from you, please send us your feedback and your suggestions.